How to enable list item re-order in SharePoint 2010 custom list?

10 May

Enabling list item reorder in share point
  • Create a Custom List and save it as a template (.stp from list settings)
  • Go to the List Template Gallery of your Site Collection (/_catalogs/lt/Forms/AllItems.aspx) and download the template (.stp file) to your computer.
  • Rename the .stp file to a “cab” extension
  • Open the cab file
  • Extract the “Manifest.xml” file
  • Open Manifest.xml” in a text editor then  Search for <UserLists> and add new attribute called OrderedList=TRUE” .
    eg:<List Name=”{XXX XXX XXX XXX}” Title=”Car Models” Description=”” OrderedList=”TRUE” Direction=”0″ ………….. ><MetaData>….
  • Save the file
  • Repackage the manfest.xml into a .cab file (You can use visual studio 2010 to generate .CAB))
  • Change the file extension on the cab file back to .stp
  • Upload the modified Site Template file to site templates
  • Create a new list based on the template
  • Done!

Here is a final step – Add a custom button in the Ribbon to access the reorder quickly

  • Open the list in SharePoint Designer 2010
  • In the ribbon , select the “Custom Actions” drop-down and select “View Ribbon”
  • Provide a name for the button (eg: List Item Order)
  • Click on “Navigate to URL” and enter the following URL: /_layouts/Reorder.aspx?List=ListGUID.
    (You can find the GUID from settings page of your list in SPD2010)
  • Add a small and large icon image
  • Done!
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