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SharePoint in Plain English


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Access List data using LINQ in SharePoint 2010

Here is a  great Article  by Franck Rice from Microsoft to develop and deploy a visual Web Part that reads data from two lists by using a LINQ query and displays it in a DataGrid control.

Click to see the Article

To Know more about LINQ

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Flash / swf not working in sharepoint 2010

By default flash files are disabled by sharepoint 2010. You can enable flash by following steps

  1. Navigate to central administration >
  2. Application Management > Manage Web applications >
  3. Then select your web application >
  4. From top ribbon select > general settings > general settings>
  5. Navigate to “Browser File Handling”
  6. Select Permissive
  7. Done

By default “Browser file handling” is in Strict mode.
Browser file handling specifies whether additional security headers are added to documents served to web browsers. These headers specify that a browser should show a download prompt for certain types of files (for example, .html) and to use the server’s specified MIME type for other types of files.
Permissive: Specifies no headers are added, which provides a more compatible user experience.
Strict:Adds headers that force the browser to download certain types of files. The forced download improves security for the server by disallowing the automatic execution of Web content that contributors upload.


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Some useful Sharepoint 2010 resources for Techies.

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  3. Useful Sharepoint 2010  Technical Diagrams
  4. SharePoint 2010 Advanced IT Professional Training
  5. Sharepoint 2010 Architecture related blog
  6. SharePoint 2010 Developer Virtual Labs Online Blog

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